Onoxo is a fictional research oriented experimental art studio based in Zagreb (Croatia) founded by Vedran Kolac in 2003. I’s also the name under which I did a range of projects like vjing, art instalations, graphics and lectures in the field of generative design.

Vjing, scenography for clubs and music festivals, exhibitions and lectures include Illectricty/Zagreb, Elevate/Graz, Lezoo/Geneve, Electron/Geneve, ClubToClub/Torino, Videomedeja/NoviSad, Dimensions & Outlook/Pula, Aquarius/Pag, Hartera/Rijeka, Mixer/Belgrade and many more.


Vedran Kolac (b. 1980.) is digital designer and developer. He is founder and owner of Zagreb based design studio Tendency and art studio Onoxo. He is also one of two authors and co-owners of MOE project.

With his background in digital media he did various projects ranging from web apps and websites, games, audiovisual works, video and light systems, gallery setups and interactive installations. He is fluent in few programming languages, programming concepts and development environments. Also in various design, sketching, drawing and animation tools, particularly those that work with code. But what he enjoys the most is making new tools, products and experiences.

Before opening Tendency he was freelancing for a couple of studios, agencies and art festivals as creative developer. Having a vast knowledge of digital production process, he was often in charge as a production manager and strategic consultant. He built his experience working with international brands as well as with local companies and organizations.

In 2009, alongside Simon Morasi Piperčić, he initiated project MOE, a range of modular constructions that combine three-dimensional projection surfaces with light and site-specific video projections. Due to the modular nature of the original concept, it was developed into a range of various setups. MOE made the scene out of music on various events all over Europe.

His practice started with Onoxo, fictional research oriented studio, under witch he did early digital generative works. Most of it's production were art pieces and experiments in form with synthesized digital video and sound that he was exhibiting and performing in European and regional art festivals and galleries.

His work was featured in Frame Mag, Designboom, Generator.x, psfk and various regional media. His works were awarded at Croatian design exhibition and ADC Croatia.

Occasionally, he does a workshop or lecture based on his current creative practice.